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Aug. 13th, 2008 | 06:11 pm

I'm still blissful in the knowledge that I am, yet again, with child. But the morning sickness and heartburn does take away from the magic a little bit ;)

We're having trouble setting up the wireless internet in our house, so that's why I haven't been online much. The only way I can get online is to actually be in the secluded un-childproofed study room, and as you can imagine, thta is almost impossible to do with a one-year-old to watch.

Btw, Aqil is now one year old!!! What a big boy! I still can't believe it!


Aug. 2nd, 2008 | 11:51 am
mood: excited excited

Last Thursday, I had a funny feeling, and so this is what I didCollapse )


Jun. 16th, 2008 | 12:14 pm
mood: busy busy

I have been neglecting LJ again. Sorry! I just never find the time to get online nowadays. Spending too much time bonding with family, of course ;)

I just found out that the chicken my mom gets sent to our place is organic! That makes me so happy. And if that weren't great enough, this company makes organic chicken sausages and chicken meatballs too. And they are planning to produce whole wheat bread. LOVE it! Well not so much the bread - I'm too used to bleached, overly-processed bread myself. But knowing that the chicken Aqil will eat is organic really puts my mind at ease. Not to mention my mom is already planning to start using mostly glass for our family - no more noxious plastics :)

I also found out at our recent family reunion that two of my cousins are still breastfeeding their almost-three-year-olds, and one of them is also tandem nursing her 7-month-old. And another cousin, who is now a mother to a teenager herself, was breastfed till she was 6. Isn't my family just AWESOME?! It felt so natural and comfortable for my relatives who were still nursing, to just sit down, lift our shirts and nurse our babies. That was the first time I got to nurse Aqil along with other mommies nursing their babies, and it was a pretty poignant moment for me to feel that sense of camaraderie and overwhelming normality of breastfeeding :D

I also got to show them all the new-style cloth diapers, and of course, the different carriers for babywearing. It was fun!

Speaking of babywearing, I've also been busy with Malaysian Babywearers. I am planning to do PR for MBW while we are setting up our organization, and spearhead the KL branch of MBW. We're planning to have our next KL meetup sometime early July. Any Malaysian mommies (or mommies-to-be or even just people planning to be mommies in the future) wanna come? Let me know! It'll be fun, I promise!

I suspect I have put on quite a bit of weight since we returned, just as I predicted :p I can't say I am overly happy about it, but being able to eat all the food I've been missing is so worth it. AND being able to drink all the Yeo's Soya Bean drink I can handle! (Which, by the way, is made from "100% Canadian Soybeans", Julie).

I'm still not sure about what my next move is gonna be. I want to do my Master's part-time, but I'm not sure if I want to get a Master's degree in Business Administration or Communication. As far as jobs go, I do not want anything 9-5, so anything where I can work from home or create my own schedule would be great. The best would be freelance writing, of course, but I'm open to anything else. This is a cue for all of you with contacts to get in touch with me and put in a good word for me ;)

Well, I'm off to drink some soya and chillax (lol). See (some of) ya~!

Home again :D

Jun. 6th, 2008 | 09:29 am
mood: loved loved

I'm back home! FINALLY! :D We've been back a week now, but I've been too busy to update. Sorry!

I still can't believe I'm home. It's so surreal - being around family, eating delicious Malaysian food, sweating bullets when we're out. But it's amazing :D

We're still in the process of getting used to everything...We've been away for so long, and its been only the three of us for so long, that we have to get used to even just being around so many people again. It's fantastic, though, because Aqil is really flourishing socially. He's always been a friendly guy, he only takes a minute to warm up to someone, and then that person becomes his new best friend.

Speaking of my little guy, he's got two teeth already! He's been eating a lot more now that he can rip food off with his teeth. And he looooves Malaysian food. A lot of people here are surprised that we are doing baby-led solids, and keep asking whether we're feeding him porridge/purees. I'm like, "No, I figure if it stresses him out and stresses me out, its probably not the best intro to foods". My little man just enjoys feeding himself, what can I say. It makes life a lot easier for me, too ;)

I know a lot of people are anxious to see us but we're still trying to establish a routine of sorts before having people over or going out to meet people. Y'all can try calling me but I'm so bad at locating my phone, LOL. In fact I think right now my phone is dead because it ran out batteries - I haven't touched it in like two days. I'm not used to getting phone calls and text messages!

Anyway I'll update more when I can, and maybe even post photos ;) I'm so happy to be home!

Anxiety and excitement

May. 24th, 2008 | 01:48 pm
mood: anxious and excited anxious and excited

I've been waking up anxious for the past few days. My first thoughts are always "I only have __ days left and I still have so much to do!" and then "I can't believe I'm leaving already".

We leave Tuesday morning from here. We're driving down to Chi-town and taking a flight to LA from there (4hrs+). We'll be there for 5 hours, enough time for dinner and letting Aqil stretch his legs. And then we'll board our flight to KL...its only FOURTEEN HOURS *rolls eyes*

I know we'll be dead on our feet when we arrive but I'm sure we'll stay up all day! There's gonna be food and family...I can't wait!

I'll be anxious and excited until we touch down safely with no minimal complications. Gahh we're finally going hoooooome! :D


May. 21st, 2008 | 05:07 pm
mood: blah blah

Aqil is cutting his first tooth! Woohoo!!!

He's been in an OK mood, not a whole lot of tears or anything. But he's had diarrhea for the past two days. NOT pleasant.

It doesn't help that Farhan is sick and I'm dealing with "that time of the month" again. After 18mos without it, it is taking some getting used to, having to change my own "diapers". *LOL*

Potter Park Zoo!

May. 21st, 2008 | 11:38 am
mood: happy happy

Last Sunday we went to Potter Park Zoo to (finally) meet Richard, Julie and their boys Dylan and Noah. I say 'finally' because I've been online friends with Richard for 9 years, and with Julie for a couple of years now, and we've been wanting to meet up since I moved to the states (they're from Canada). So now that we're about to go back to Malaysia, we finally decided to just do it!

It was a great day but I forgot to bring my camera!! Gaahhh I can be so absent-minded sometimes! Anyway THANKS Richard and Julie for bringing your camera. I had so much fun and it was so great to finally meet you both. Thanks for driving 7 hours (x2!) just to see us. And thanks for just being great friends :D Anyway, onto the pictures!Collapse )

A few days late, but...

May. 14th, 2008 | 03:02 pm

9 months of breastfeeding!. I'm so proud of the both of us! Some days are more difficult than others, like when he's distracted and will only nurse for 2-minute spurts and crawl away and then come back ten minutes later to nurse another 2 minutes...and on and on and on till he gets cranky because he's gotten himself hungry ;p (can you tell today is one of those days??).

An awesome thing is happening now, though. He seems to recognize the "milk" sign! I've been signing "milk" to him at every feeding while saying "nenen", and now he responds with a strange whimper/giggle sound whenever I do it. It only happens just before nursing while I sign "milk"!!!

Eventually we'll start on other signs but I figured this is the most important one for now. He's starting to wave bye-bye now, too, but mostly when he wants out of a situation - he waved bye to the nurse at the pediatrician's office the other day and to our neighbor when he was at her house because he finally wanted to go home after being there for ages (without mommy and daddy, and it was his choice...he followed her home! He's infatuated by her).

Nine months! Here's to another nine, hopefully :D

Could you forgive yourself...

May. 5th, 2008 | 01:21 pm
mood: sad sad

If your child perished in a car accident because you didn't put them in a carseat?

The #1 cause of death of children aged 1-4 in the united states is motor vehicle accidents:

At least in the US carseats are the law. I'm glad for that. Even then a lot of people don't use and install it properly. But in Malaysia? HAH! There are babies just roaming about in the car. Not just in the backseat, sometimes in the front passenger seat too!

I was not in a carseat, as I'm sure most Malaysian people in my FList can relate to. But now we know better. We know for a fact that carseats saves lives. I know they are pricey, but to me carseats are a non-negotiable MUST-HAVE baby gear. If you can only afford one pricey baby gear, you can live without cribs and strollers. Get a carseat.

Now, some people do get carseats but after their child meets the maximum weight limit, they put the child in the car with just a seatbelt on (or, commonly in Malaysia, no seatbelt even). Watch this video:

I'm proud to say we just bought a Graco Nautilus convertible carseat for when Aqil outgrows his current rear-facing carseat (recommended on the site link at the Youtube video).

A friend of mine told me this story when I was newly pregnant and it is forever in my mind:
Her father and stepmother had just had a baby. They were out for a short drive, and less than a mile out they got into an accident. They only had a few bumps and bruises. The baby flew out of her stepmoms hands, out the windshield, and landed on the road. She died on the spot.

There are a few factors in this story that get to me: they were only going for a short drive (like barely even down the road) and the parents survived with only minor physical injuries.

I'm sorry if my standing on a soapbox is annoying anyone, but this issue just rubs me the wrong way. How can a parent put their child's life at risk for want of a simple thing like a carseat? :(

Gotta go, Aqil just woke up! We're going out for groceries in a bit (with Aqil safely strapped in his carseat on the way there, of course ;D ).


Apr. 25th, 2008 | 02:41 pm

So I sent Farhan this link:
WARNING: Very detailed birth story and birth pictures - do not open the website unless you're OK with that!!!

I only sent it to him because I mentioned I wanted a Hypnobirth with our next child and I found this place in Malaysia that has classes, so I wanted him to see it.

But he opened the link in front of me just now and said "OK, you can do this". For those who didn't open the link, it is a birth story about a woman's unassisted birth at home. In my dreams I would love to do it, but never thought I'd be given the go-ahead by Farhan!

Of course two seconds later he saw the pictures and was like "Gross!" but he seems OK with the thought of not only a homebirth, but an unassisted homebirth! I really thought it would take a lot more persuasion, but I guess I underestimated my awesome husband. I probably would not go with an unassisted childbirth...I would prefer to have a midwife there just in case. But still, it seems that my ever-loving husband will respect whatever decision I make! How lucky am I? I guess I should have guessed it...after all, he has been my #1 supporter in breastfeeding. I love my hubby *Girly giggle*

For those who are wondering why on earth would I want a homebirth, especially considering my last childbirth involved me getting an epidural, its because I plan (with the next baby, which hasn't even been conceived yet *LOL*) to actually be more prepared and have a better arsenal of natural techniques of handling pain at my diposal. I now know the pain of labor, and I don't doubt it will be severely painful next time, but this time I WILL take the time to learn pain-coping techniques.

Epidural helped with my pain, but it caused so much harm afterwards...the side effects are not worth it to me. I fainted several times, was woozy for days, had a baby who was lethargic to the point of falling asleep during ever feeding (and had a lazy latch, which lead to supply issues, which led to mastitis). I also had a very stressful labor and felt rushed. I also had an episiotomy that took ages to recover from (and, if you must know, was very long, it is the length of pretty much my entire perineal area). I spent a week at the hospital, and was uncomfortable the whole time...I really only started recovering after coming home.

I am NOT complaining about my experience of childbirth. After all, in the end, I had my beautiful baby boy in my arms and couldn't be happier. I've just learned that that kind of hospital birth where they treated childbirth as a medical emergency and not a natural process, its just not for me. I'd rather be at home, where I'm comfortable, and where we can settle down as a family right away...without the nurses coming in every three bloody hours to check on me. I need some sleep, woman!!!